Introducing LC Customs: A First-to-Market Release To Elevate Your Caravan Experience

We are thrilled to unveil a new chapter in the Lotus Caravans legacy – the LC Customs Collection. Inspired by our founder George Josevski’s passion for drag racing, this collection of extras introduces three additions; the LC Customs Drag Wing, the LC Customs Stealth Solar Panel Bracket, and the LC Customs toolbox.

At Lotus Caravans, we’ve always been driven by a passion for innovation, and LC Customs is our newest offering, a concept never before seen in the industry. These inclusions are the epitome of form and function, not only elevating the aesthetic of an already eye-catching 2024 model range but importantly, adding significant functionality to ensure that your caravan delivers the very best experience possible.

LC Customs Drag Wing

Design Elegance

Crafted with influence from the motorsport world, the LC Customs Drag Wing seamlessly integrates with the contours of your caravan for maximum sophistication. Its design isn’t just eye-catching, it’s a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship Lotus Caravans prides itself on.

Safety Through Aerodynamic Brilliance

Experience a new level of towing stability and control with the aerodynamic brilliance of the Drag Wing. The strategically placed spill plates minimise wind interference, ensuring your caravan glides straight through the air effortlessly. Think of a perfectly executed, back-spinning drop punt or a well-shot arrow with fletching cutting a line through the air on its way to the bullseye. This added control maximises your safety when towing and this is our biggest focus.

Illuminate Your Campsite

Beyond aesthetics and aerodynamics, the LC Customs Drag Wing features an integrated, fully adjustable work light, bringing ample light to the rear of your caravan and campsite for a greater level of convenience, security and functionality.

LC Customs Stealth Solar Panel Bracket

Sleek Aesthetics

The LC Customs Stealth Solar Panel Bracket is thoughtfully designed, seamlessly blending style and functionality for a visually pleasing enhancement to your caravan. It adds a touch of understated elegance to your caravan’s exterior, with careful engineering ensuring minimal drag force or weight is added.

Efficient Solar Power

With a 250W solar panel embedded, the Stealth Solar Panel Bracket ensures you can embrace off-grid adventures with heightened confidence. Run all of your creature comforts without a worry, and experience a new level of luxury living on- and off-road.

Versatile Illumination

Just like its drag wing counterpart, the Stealth Solar Panel Bracket features an integrated, fully adjustable work light to illuminate the front of your caravan or campsite.

Pioneering the Future of Caravanning: Lotus Caravans

Lotus Caravans has a history of pioneering innovation in the industry, and LC Customs continues this tradition. We are proud to be the first to market with these cutting-edge additions, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in caravanning.

Head to your nearest dealer or explore the 2024 Lotus Caravans model range at caravan shows nationwide to see the LC Customs collection for yourself. 


The 2024 model range is the culmination of 20 years of pioneering the off-road and luxury caravan industry in Australia, and delivers an unseen level of specifications and value.