LC Customs represents a new chapter for Lotus Caravans. 

Inspired by our founder George Josevski’s passion for drag racing

LC Customs Stealth Panel

The LC Customs Stealth Panel is thoughtfully designed with lightweight engineering, bolstering an extraordinary 250W of solar to enhance your off-grid connectivity while ensuring minimal drag force or additional weight. The LC Custom Stealth Panel also features a fully-adjustable, integrated work light.

LC Customs Toolbox

Maximising your supply capabilities on the road, the LC Customs Toolbox integrates the best parts of storage, entertainment, and utilities into one functional space, with features such as tub storage on both sides, a sink, replaceable stone guard pads, and provision for both bikes and e-bike racks.

LC Customs Drag Wing

Crafted with influence from the motorsport world, the LC Customs Drag Wing integrates with the contours of your caravan for maximum sophistication. Spill plates enhance towing stability by minimising wind interference to enhance your safety when towing, while an integrated worklight adds safety, security and functionality. 

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