Finding the Perfect Balance Between Work and Travel


Lotus Caravans Ambassadors, The Bell Family, are full-time caravanners sharing their adventures as they traverse Australia in their Lotus Caravans Trooper. Amy, a Teacher’s Aide and Jack, a Shop Fitter, along with their three kids Elsie, Henry and Ralph, have completed a full lap of Australia and share their insights as to how they make life on the road work for their family.

So, you’re probably thinking, how the heck does a family of five continue to travel around Australia without blowing the bank? We found a unique way to blend our love for travel with our need to work. It’s no secret that journeying across this amazing country comes with its share of expenses, from food to diesel. But that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying the freedom of the open road.

Having completed an entire lap of Australia, we’ve developed a rhythm that lets us really explore the beauty of each area. Our strategy is simple: we balance our travels by taking short work breaks. It’s a perfect way to slow down, take in our surroundings, and ensure we’re not rushing from one place to another.

These breaks are not just about work, though. They’re also a period for us to catch up on various tasks, manage school work, and simply get organised. Typically, we pause our travels for about four weeks—the standard duration of a shop fit-out. 

What we particularly like about this arrangement is that it allows us to fund our travels and even save for our future. It’s a satisfying blend of living our dreams today while planning for tomorrow.

Our home away from home is our Lotus Caravans Trooper, complete with an Xtend annexe. It’s like having a mobile playroom for the kids. We chose a Trooper with a 23’3ft layout because it’s super practical. It’s got a dividing door for the kids’ bunks and the bathroom. So, when Jack has an early start, he can sneak out without waking the kids.

When we’re on a work break, we usually camp out in caravan parks. They’re like a kids’ paradise with pools, jumping pillows, and all sorts of fun activities. If Amy and the kids need a break from the caravan park, they drop Jack off at work and take the truck for a day out.

The Bell Family’s custom interior fit-out.

On the weekends, we might go off-grid and find an awesome camp spot, or just take day trips to explore the local area. This all depends on how busy Jack is with work of course.

One of the main reasons we chose the Isuzu NPS truck as our travel vehicle is because it provides us with ample space and weight capacity. Our truck is basically Jack’s mobile tool shed. It’s stocked with everything he needs for his shop fit-outs, which is super handy.

We often get asked how we manage to find work while travelling all over Australia. The answer is surprisingly simple. Phone calls, emails, looking online and in social media groups. There’s no shortage of work opportunities all across Australia, many of which require no experience.

So, that’s how we roll. We’ve found a way to have our cake and eat it too, mixing work with our love for travel. It’s our own brand of normal and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Hey, we are Amy and Oliver, with our three kids Kohen, Tully, and Romily. We have been on the road full time since April 2021.