introducing the bell family

Adventurous Explorers, and New Lotus Caravans Ambassadors

What started as a year-long adventure lapping Australia as a family of four, evolved into a dream of full-time travelling. For Amy and Jack, and then baby number 3, that dream became a reality the day they moved into their new home! Some might call The Bell Family crazy, but for them, putting down roots and staying there, well it just wasn’t their style.

Now three years in, Amy, a Teacher’s Aide and Jack, a Shop Fitter, along with their three kids Elsie, Henry and Ralph, call their Lotus Caravans Trooper home. 

Meet Amy, Jack, Elsie, Henry and Ralph

Our family took a different approach to planning our lap of Australia. Instead of spending years meticulously planning, we decided to be more spontaneous. In just two months, we finished renovating our house, put it on the market, and bought a caravan.

After four years of juggling full-time jobs, completing a major house renovation, getting married, and welcoming two children into our family, it was finally time for us to take a much-needed break. We sold our house on the Gold Coast and took off on a family adventure across Australia.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our travel plans extended to 18 months. During this time, we also surprised ourselves with baby number three. With plans to settle, we decided to build a house in Brisbane. Two months before little Ralph was born, we headed back home to be with family.

The day of the build handover came, and it was chaotic. From the Brisbane traffic to the kids running wild against our brand-new white walls, we realised that we couldn’t settle into our forever home just yet. Within an hour, we found ourselves at the dealership, putting a deposit down on a new Lotus Caravans Off Grid rig.

We decided to rent out our new house and hit the road again. We wanted to take our adventures to the next level and fully embrace the nomadic life. Our goal was to explore every corner of this beautiful country while working on the go.

To turn this dream into reality, we needed a tow vehicle that could provide us with comfort, storage for our tools, and a cosy space for our growing family. That’s when we ordered an Isuzu NPS 4×4 truck to go along with our Lotus Caravan. 

Our Dream Caravan

What immediately caught our attention was the double sliding doors in the 23’3ft Lotus Caravans Off Grid. These doors provided us privacy with bunk beds along the back wall and the bathroom in the middle. It truly felt like the perfect home on wheels for our family!

We’re the kind of family that loves to venture off the beaten path, so having a caravan that could handle off-road adventures was a must. Lotus Caravans has not disappointed! Their off-road capability has given us the freedom to explore rugged terrains and discover hidden gems. Our Lotus Caravan takes us wherever we like.

We recently upgraded to the 23’3ft Lotus Caravans Trooper, which offers improved off-road capability, a modern interior, and added storage. Besides functionality, we’re extremely happy with how the set-up looks too – the truck, boat, and caravan all have a great colour scheme.

What 2024 Looks Like for The Bell Family

This year, we’re really eager to go back to Western Australia, a place that we absolutely fell in love with during our previous travels. The beautiful scenery and amazing campsites are waiting for us, and we’re so excited to experience them all over again. It’s been four long years since we last explored this part of Australia, so we’re super excited!

One of the perks of our nomadic lifestyle is the ability to work along the way. While we’re in Perth, we plan to take on some shop-fitting jobs. And towards the end of the year, we have a small renovation project lined up for one of our investment properties in Perth. It’s the perfect blend of work and travel, allowing us to continue to set ourselves up for the future, achieve all of our life goals, and enjoy travel as a family while watching our kids grow.

Choosing Lotus Caravans has been a game-changer for our family. It’s given us the comfort, freedom, and flexibility to live life on our own terms. Enjoying every second with our little ones and creating amazing memories. It’s been five years of incredible adventures and many more years to come.

To follow The Bell Family’s adventures in their 2024 Trooper, visit their social pages below:

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