Introducing the Newest Lotus Caravans Ambassador, Pro Touring Concepts

Hit the road, live the dream.

Lotus Caravans is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our family of brand ambassadors – Pro Touring Concepts. Known for their expertise in designing and building market-leading touring vehicles, Pro Touring Concepts embody the essence of adventure, with a passion for off-road exploration that perfectly aligns with the spirit of Lotus Caravans. 

Pro Touring Concepts was born from a love of camping, touring, and general off-road travel – and the thirst for exploration! It’s a story that in a lot of ways mimics our own. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Caleb Reed, Founder of Pro Touring Concepts, to discuss his journey, his new role as a Lotus Caravans Ambassador, and his exciting plans for the future with his new Trooper.

Pro Touring Concepts guide, project manage and build Pro Touring vehicles, including design and recommendations in selecting the right set up, sourcing vehicles and building from start to finish as a turn-key package.

What inspired you to specialise in designing and building Pro Touring vehicles? 

We kept promoting our travels and basic retrofits. We had started a few social media channels by then and had already portrayed what we were doing online – and believe me, social media was a very different beast back then! Before long we had enquiries coming through to replicate the gear we were using, and carrying out basic installs. It then morphed into an advisory service combined with doing the installs… it was at that point that we realised we needed to capitalise on this and create something bigger. Soon we needed a big shed, mechanics, fitters, auto sparkies, fabricators and now production managers to handle the workload and flow. 

What does a typical project look like for the Pro Touring Concepts team?

Our standard procedure starts with discussing vehicle options that will best suit what the client is hoping to achieve ie. travel plans, towing weights, budgets etc. Once we’ve ironed out what they need, we then quote them, including a car. The vehicle arrives in the country and we start our process in North QLD. 

Performance tuning then comes down to our shed where we pull the vehicles apart, replace suspension with HD suitable GVM upgrade kits, bar work, electrical, wheels/tyres, roof racks, solar, roof tents, boats, boat loaders, interior upgrades.. the list goes on. It is designed to be a turn-key package so the client comes and collects once it’s all done.

What do you enjoy most about the design and build process?

It would have to be seeing the design pull off when it comes to the build stage. We do take a gamble with the inclusions and design of certain builds, for example how it will sit, look, work,  is it functional and practical? Most of all does it still sit and follow through with our previous Pro Touring builds?

We set an extremely high standard and benchmark in the industry so it’s extremely important that every single build that goes out works, and works well.

Tell us about your Lotus Caravan!

We went with the all-new 23.5’ Lotus Trooper. 

The twin doors were a no-brainer for us – almost being able to lock off the van halfway through it and leaving the messy kids area up towards one end. We’ve got 3 bunks in here, TVs, 320L of fresh water, instant hot water, induction cooking, 1.1kw of solar and 800ah of lithium capacity. Plenty for what we do! 

We have gone to the extent of sending down a full set of 35” tyres to G&S to ensure correct fitment as we believed the 35’s would really set off the 23.5 footer! Matching rims as well to our F truck so it just really pops! We’ve also added an ‘Offroaddownunder’ BBQ slide to the front tunnel boat and a Weber Baby Q (flame IQ) just for the quick roadside stops. 

What excites you most about travelling Australia in your Lotus Caravan?

Freedom for sure! Something about that constant thrust for adventure once you get going! Having the Lotus opens up a few more windows for us, firstly being able to work on the road like having a mobile office with a view. Secondly, knowing we’ve got room to escape in all sorts of weather conditions… hot water on demand, diesel heating and a comfy bed! Similar to our vehicle builds – the electrical system is proven and designed to be used heavily off-grid.

What are you hoping to bring to Lotus Caravans as an Ambassador?

I think just giving real feedback, no glitz and glamour around a situation that might not have been great or just giving honest feedback on how we’ve overcome certain hurdles along the way. We deal with this day in and day out for our own clientele, so being honest about resolutions always works best for us. We are constantly learning!

What message would you like to share with the Lotus Caravans community?

To stop thinking about it and just do it!! 

Lotus have come a long way! Now featuring everything you need to be completely self-sustained off grid for long periods of time. We can facilitate with a tow rig and caravan package which will make it easier for you guys trying to align travel plans.

You can follow Pro Touring Concepts Adventures in their factory and on the road here:

Instagram: @pro_touring_concepts @pro_touring_tv @rangoreed

Facebook: Pro Touring Concepts, Pro Touring TV

YouTube: @ProTouringTV

Linked IN: Pro Touring Concepts PTY LTD

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