With summer in full swing, here’s some tips on how to keep your caravan cool.

1. Strategise Your Air-Flow

It’s a debate as old as the first caravan: whether it’s better to have all your windows down or only some, all the way or only partly.

Most believe that while driving, the best way to cool down your vehicle is to have all the windows open all the way. Depending on how your windows are set up, in may be better to have one front and one back open, forcing air through the centre of your rig, rather than just going straight through. This may be different again for caravans with ceiling vents. Experiment with different window combinations to work out which is best for cooling down your van.

2. Service Your Vents

Australian summers get pretty hot. Sometimes, an open window just won’t cut it. Luckily, most caravans come with air-conditioning units as standard.

If your air-conditioning isn’t working as well as it used to, it may be because the vents have become clogged. Over time, dust and crud from the outside can flow through and clog up your vents. When you bring your caravan in for a service, your should have air filters checked and vents cleared out. This is why after a service, your van’s air feels cooler and fresher — the cool air isn’t flowing through lots of old dust before it gets to you!

3. Declutter

Don’t just clean out your vents, clean out the whole caravan! The more stuff you have in your caravan, the less the air is able to move around. Heat gets trapped and in no time, you’ll be wishing you left that extra blanket at home. It’s important to plan your holiday and take only what you need. And not only will a decluttered caravan make it cooler, lighter rigs will also use up less fuel! It’s a win-win. The best way to declutter is to have effective storage.

4. Insulation

Decent insulation is not just important in Winter. Insulation in the roof and walls keep outside temperatures out and inside temperatures in. So not only does good insulation help keep the Summer heat outside, it also helps keep your cool, fresh, recently-serviced air-con in the rig.

5. Park In The Shade

Insulation can only do so much. Give your walls a helping hand by parking in the shade when you can!

6. Lights & Electricity

Electronic devices generate heat, especially in small areas without much air-circulation, so turn off what you don’t need. In the interest of cutting clutter, leave winter-specific devices like heaters at home. Not only will turning off lights and electronics keep you cool, it will also save energy.

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